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Themes for birthday parties

Themed parties are a great way of creating a fun party for everyone. Here at Parties 2 go we have picked the best kids themes and party supplies to make it easy for you to select. Just click on the Theme below to start filling your virtual shopping basket with our "heaps of fun" party products.

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Abby Cadabby

Abby Cadabby is a charming and beautiful girl that lives in Sesame Street. She is three years old, is training to be a fairy and boasts some pretty cool magical powers. Elmo, we all know Elmo, is her best friend and she loves singing. Lots of kids love Abby and her cute and awesome personality. C...

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Abby Cadabby Kids theme Party Supplies


Who doesn't love dear Barbie? Barbie is a favourite among a lot of girls in Australia and she makes a great theme for any girl's birthday party. If you get some Barbie decorated plates, cups and a table cloth, your birthday party will look smashing and your kids will be proud of you forever. In o...

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Barbie Kids theme Party Supplies

Birthday Princess

Want to make your birthday party "princess" special? With our Birthday Princess Themed product range you can do this in a breeze. This is a great theme for all princesses out there who want to have the ultimate girl birthday party. Tiaras and wands mixed with pink pastel cups and plates, you can’...

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Birthday Princess Kids theme Party Supplies

Black and white Chequered

You can use this great Black and White Chequered theme to supplement racing car themes such as Disney Cars, or it can just be used on its own, the choice is yours. We have pompous plates, blistering banners, cool cups and nice napkins - just to mention a few, all things that can make your boy’s b...

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Black and white Chequered Kids theme Party Supplies

Bubble Baths

Our Bubble Bath foams have proven a big hit for many parties and they are an excellent gift to put in your farewell bag of goodies. Lots of choices, both girls and boys.

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Bubble Baths Kids theme Party Supplies


Cinderalla in her beautiful blue gown is a great party theme for girls. We have all the favors, tableware and matching decorations right here, step in...

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Cinderella Kids theme Party Supplies

Curious George

This brown little monkey is an all time favourite for many of us. Curious George and the man with the yellow hat would be sure make your kids party an excellent celebration. Look inside for our selection...

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Curious George Kids theme Party Supplies


Disco Theme is a popular choice for children of all ages.

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Disco Kids theme Party Supplies

Disney Frozen

Join Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf in a crazy adventure through the freezing but beautiful scenery of Norway searching for Anna’s sister Elsa. This is a perfect birthday party theme for those who love the latest Disney invention, “Frozen”. With all the glistening white snow crystals and blue icic...

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Disney Frozen Kids theme Party Supplies


Dora, Boots, Swiper, the Fiesta Trio, Backpack, Map, Isa, Tico and Benny, they are all Dora's friends. This party theme has most of them and they are ready to party!

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Dora Kids theme Party Supplies

Dora Flower Adventure

Dora Flower Adventure is the latest theme in the big Dora the Explorer franchise. Bring along Dora, Boots and all her other friends to your birthday party and you shall all have a ball! Great and vibrant colors and stacks of fun!

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Dora Flower Adventure Kids theme Party Supplies

Dorothy the Dinosaur

Dorothy the Dinosaur is the wiggles' big little adventurous 'Rososaurus'. She loves to eat roses and lives in a pink and purple house. This is a great party theme for all wiggles lovers out there, we've got the stuff...

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Dorothy the Dinosaur Kids theme Party Supplies

Fairy Princess

Does your girl want a Fairy Princess Party ? You have come to the right place. Fan-fairy-tastic party supplies, all here...

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Fairy Princess Kids theme Party Supplies

Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam is a long time favourite for both boys and Girls. What can be better for young children than pretending to be brave firemen and firewomen cruising around in a huge fire truck with loud sirens on, ready to rescue and put out fires? We have everything you need to create a successful fir...

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Fireman Sam Kids theme Party Supplies

Go Diego Go!

Diego is Dora's good friend and his job is to protect all animals and the surroundings they live in. Choose the Diego theme for your birthday party if you like learning, gizmos and hi-tech gadgets. Our product range is full of accessories.

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Go Diego Go! Kids theme Party Supplies

Hannah Montana

Have the double lifed girl, Hanna Montana, daytime normal teenage girl, nighttime famous pop singer, host your party. The Hannah Montana theme will satisfy all your cravings.

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Hannah Montana Kids theme Party Supplies

Hello Kitty

The gorgeous cutie cat Kitty-chan is a bright and kind-hearted girl and loves baking cookies. Her height apparently is 5 apples and she weighs 3 apples. This birthday party theme is perfect for girls of all ages.

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Hello Kitty Kids theme Party Supplies

High School Musical

The High School Musical Theme features all the people we love from the famous musical. Troy, Gabriella and all the others, they are all here...

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High School Musical Kids theme Party Supplies


Boys love this armored suit man with all the latest gadgets and gizmos. The Ironman theme will make your boy's birthday one all his friends wished they had...

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Ironman Kids theme Party Supplies


Ladybugs, or ladybirds as they prefer being called, are not true bugs at all, they are cute and friendly little beetles and the perfect party theme for your gorgeous girl. The party guests will be thrilled with this vibrant and colourful theme and there is a wide range of party supplies on offer....

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Ladybug Kids theme Party Supplies

Mickey 1st Birthday

Who can resist the Mickey 1st birthday theme? This is baby Mickey and all the cuteness that goes with it, a fantastic theme for a boy's first birthday.

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Mickey 1st Birthday Kids theme Party Supplies

Minnie 1st Birthday

More cuteness from Disney, the Minnie 1st Birthday theme is baby Minnie Mouse, a perfect birthday theme for a girl's first birthday party.

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Minnie 1st Birthday Kids theme Party Supplies

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is Mickey's girlfriend, but this lady can definitely stand on her own feet. She is a brilliant host and makes a fantastic birthday theme. Splurge a little bit and decorate your table with some of Minnie’s favourite decorations and tableware. Cups, plates, whatever you need, Minnie ha...

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Minnie Mouse Kids theme Party Supplies

My Little Pony

Follow the clever unicorn pony, Twilight Sparkle, and her friend, Princess Celestia, around your version of Ponyville with these fabulous party supplies. You will have no problems creating a dream pony party...

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My Little Pony Kids theme Party Supplies

Olivia the piglet

Olivia dares to be BOLD! At 6 and 3/4 years old, she is a perpetual dynamo that believes she can do anything, just like any other 6 year old girl... Her motto: DREAM BIG!!

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Olivia the piglet Kids theme Party Supplies

Peppa Pig

Peppa is kids of today’s all-time favourite piggie and this cute and cheeky girl lives with her little brother George and her mum and dad, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa loves whatever normal children loves, playing games, dressing up, days out and jumping in the mud. She is always out on adventu...

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Peppa Pig Kids theme Party Supplies

Pirate Lovely Chubblies

Ahoy there, me hearties!! The Lovely Chubblies pirate theme has all the exciting pirate stuff your kids are wanting for their birthday party. Grab all our pirate gear and have yourself a pirate-tastic party!

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Pirate Lovely Chubblies Kids theme Party Supplies

Power Rangers (clearance)

The Power Rangers party theme will equip your kids with super-human powers when they morph into rangers... This theme is ultra cool and kids love the Rangers.

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Power Rangers (clearance) Kids theme Party Supplies


Enjoy our great selection of princess party accessories and supplies, fit for even the pickiest princess, unless, of course, she is the princess on the pea… This theme is excellent to supplement our other Princess themes such as Disney Princess or Birthday Princess and has some great accessories ...

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Princess Kids theme Party Supplies

Robot Party

Are your kids into robots and technology? This awsome theme is just for you then, lots of robots, rockets stars and planets here. Your kids will love this!

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Robot Party Kids theme Party Supplies

Scooby Doo

This talking great dane will have you on your way to solve all sorts of mysteries in no time. Our Scooby Doo Theme offers a great selection of tableware and cool accessories.

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Scooby Doo Kids theme Party Supplies


Bring your party to another level with these awesome Skylander monsters. The Skylanders party supplies are just the thing for active and imaginative boys.

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Skylanders Kids theme Party Supplies

Sleepover Party

Your kids will be thrilled with our Sleep Over Party Theme. Supplement your excellent choice of party theme with these party goods and your party is complete! Good luck getting them to sleep, though!

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Sleepover Party Kids theme Party Supplies

Speed Racer (clearance)

Do you want to get behind the wheel on the Mach 5? With the Speed Racer Theme you'll be feeling like you are racing around the track with all the smart gadgets that goes with it.

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Speed Racer (clearance) Kids theme Party Supplies


Our superheroes theme is packed to the brim with super hero stuff and gadgets. With Ironman, Spiderman, Superman, Supergirl and their cool accessories and tableware, they will make your superhero party a super-human event.

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Superheroes Kids theme Party Supplies

Thomas the Tank Engine

The Thomas the Tank Engine party theme is perfect for little boy's parties. Decorate your party with our fantastic tableware and decorations and your kids will all feel like little fat controllers...

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Thomas the Tank Engine Kids theme Party Supplies

Toy Story 3

Woody, Buzz, Jessie, you know them all. Have the Toy Story 3 Theme for your birthday party and re-live the film with all your party guests. Our selection is comprehensive.

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Toy Story 3 Kids theme Party Supplies

Under Construction

This Construction theme is every boy's dream and has all the cool construction machines. Bulldozers and diggers, the whole shebang.

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Under Construction Kids theme Party Supplies


The Batman theme is one of the most popular party themes around for boys. Choose from our great selection of cups, plates, invitations, masks and much more...

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Batman Kids theme Party Supplies

Ben 10

Let the kids at your party be Action heroes for a day, they'll love you for it... Ben 10 is a 10 year old boy who owns a very special watch, his omnitrix, that can transform him into an alien. Ben 10 fights evil on earth while being an alien and always saves the day. Our Action man Ben 10's Theme...

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Ben 10 Kids theme Party Supplies

Bob the Builder

The Bob the Builder theme is now an old classic, but it is amazing how popular this handyman still is. You can decorate your birthday party with lots of amazing bob the builder party supplies, the normal cups, plates and napkins and so on, but there is also hanging decorations, some really good l...

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Bob the Builder Kids theme Party Supplies

Care Bears

Each of the Bears in the Care Bear Theme have their own colour and special sign on their belly representing their personality. We have a full range of care bear party supplies within, cups, plates, invitatons, etc...

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Care Bears Kids theme Party Supplies

Disney Fairies Tinker Bell

Believing is just the beginning with Tinker Bell and all her Disney Fairies friends. Now your kids could flutter around on little fairy wings at their birhday party too, we have all the essentials and accessories...

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Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Kids theme Party Supplies

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer, your favourite 8 year old explorer, is always exploring and helping somebody. Her best friend Boots is with her and they make great parties...

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Dora the Explorer Kids theme Party Supplies


There are plenty of soccer mad kids out there... and that's why we have the Soccer Party Theme. Choose from our fabulous range of soccer tableware and accessories.

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Soccer Kids theme Party Supplies

The Little Mermaid Ariel

Ariel - the Little Mermaid and her friends Flounder and the little crab, Sebastian, makes a great birthday party theme for girls who loves and wants to be mermaids. We have a great selection of tableware and accessories.

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The Little Mermaid Ariel Kids theme Party Supplies

Winnie the Pooh

The trusty old Pooh bear's theme... Make your kid's birthday party a fun one with Winnie the Pooh and all his fantastic friends. We can supply tableware and accessories.

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Winnie the Pooh Kids theme Party Supplies

Dinosaur Party

Having Dinosaur as your party theme is a really great choice because it is lots of fun, but also safe - in that all boys like dinosaurs. There is a lot of fun to be had, both by the kids and the parents. You can make as much from it as you like, but I can think of great pre party activities like ...

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Dinosaur Party Kids theme Party Supplies

Disney Cars

The Disney/Pixar cars theme is a certain winner for a birthday party, especially with the boys. Have Lightning McQueen, Sally, Luigi, Mater and the other companions whizzing around everywhere at your party when you decorate your birthday party with plates, cups, balloons and more from our excelle...

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Disney Cars Kids theme Party Supplies

Disney Princess

Are you thinking Disney princesses for your little girl's birthday party? Well, Snow White, Pocahontas, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, and Mulan, they are all the Disney princesses and they are all here. You will have a princess-tastic birthday party with this theme, ...

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Disney Princess Kids theme Party Supplies


Elmo is everyone's favourite furry monster from Sesame Street. He's an expert at hosting birthday parties and is a great idea for a birthday party theme, have a look at our selection.

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Elmo Kids theme Party Supplies


Our Fairy Theme has all the fan-fairy-tastic party supplies and accessories any fairy-mad princess could ever want... Cups, plates, invites, lootbags, we have it all...

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Fairy Kids theme Party Supplies

Fire engine

Does your boy play Fireman all day long or just love firemen, fire engines and Fire chief hats? Your boy wants this theme for his birthday party...

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Fire engine Kids theme Party Supplies


Arrrrgh... Our Pirates Party Theme has all the exciting tableware and accessories for a fantastic pirate party... Put on the eye-patch, the pirate hat, grab your sword and jump on the pirate ship.

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Pirate Kids theme Party Supplies

Strawberry Shortcake

With the amazing Strawberry Shortcake girls you will have selected a theme for your birthday party that is to the liking of adventurous girls. Take a look at what we have and you shall not be disappointed.

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Strawberry Shortcake Kids theme Party Supplies


The Transformers theme creates a super cool, optimus prime birthday party for your kids. We have all the vital bits and pieces to make sure your party is an absolute winner. Our range is superb, take a look...

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Transformers Kids theme Party Supplies


It is an all boys favourite, the construction theme. Diggers and dozers and loaders, they all love these things. Why not let your boy have a great party where the guests can indulge their construction fantasies wearing construction hats and eating from excavators. Take a look at what is on offer...

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Construction Kids theme Party Supplies

Mickey Mouse

A long time classic, Mickey Mouse, is ready to host your kids birthday party. Everyone's favourite from the Disney family makes a great theme for both girl's and boy's birthday parties. Decorate your childr...

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Mickey Mouse Kids theme Party Supplies

Tonka Construction

All boys love Tonka, no doubt there. Choose our Tonka Construction theme to have your kids grin from ear to ear all party long.

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Tonka Construction Kids theme Party Supplies

Plain Colour

Our plain coloured theme is a great choice for birthday parties. With simple and clean style, these products are a certain winner.

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Plain Colour Kids theme Party Supplies


These neon party hairsprays are certain to excite your kids. They love crazy hair and we have all the colours you want.

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Hairspray Kids theme Party Supplies

Princess Dora

Turn your kid's party Dora-magic with the Princess Dora theme. Have Dora in her beautiful yellow dress host your birthday party with all our tableware and accessories.

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Princess Dora Kids theme Party Supplies
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